Pure Ceylon Cinnamon

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon

Sri Lanka, formally known as Ceylon is a tropical island located south of India in the Indian Ocean.

Ceylon Cinnamon, the miracle spice from Sri Lanka is a spice known by mankind since early days of civilization. True cinnamon native to Sri Lanka is botanically identified as Cinnamonum zeylanicum Blume. Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer and exporter of true cinnamon to the world. Ceylon cinnamon is also called “true cinnamon” or “sweet cinnamon”. It is now being introduced to the international market under the brand name “Pure Ceylon Cinnamon”.

True Cinnamon Vs Chinese Cinnamon

DescriptionTrue CinnamonChinese Cinnamon
BiologyCinnamomum zeylanicumCinnamomum cassia
Cinnamomum aromaticum
Cinnamomum burmanii
Cinnamomum tamala
CultivationSri Lanka, Seychelles, MadagascarChina, Vietnam, India, Indonesia
ColorGolden brownDark brown
TextureThin, SmoothThick, Hard to grind
AromaWarm, sweet & woodyPungent
FlavorSweet & delicate due to high presence of ‘terpenoids’Less sweet but strong
Presence of coumarin*0.0004%Approx. 1-7%
FormQuillsSingle bark strips

*coumarin – According to research high amounts of Cassia may cause liver damage.

Source: How to identify Ceylon Cinnamon and why cinnamon should be consumed instead of cassia – Prof. Jayasiri Lankage, Sri Lanka Exporter, 2017.

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