Who are we?

Who are we?

Pure Ceylon Spices is established in Canada to introduce the world’s finest cinnamon and other quality Sri Lankan spices in North America.

Cinnamon production in Sri Lanka follows an age-old tradition where the bark is manually scraped using tools of trade handed-down centuries back where the work can only be performed by specialized skilled peelers. Layers of these quills are covered and left to ferment prior to air drying them in-doors on roof level racks. In dried form the cinnamon quills curl into a golden colored cigar like rolls. Traditionally cinnamon growers share a fair amount of the revenue with the peelers unlike in most other agricultural crops.

Our retail cinnamon supply is brought to you mainly from our family farms. Other spices are received from small scale farmers where these spices are grown in their home gardens. Thus, agriculture chemicals are used at a very minimum in our products with no use of child labor while enhancing livelihood of small-scale farmers guaranteeing you an ethical production process.

Our supply chain for whole sale is backed by quality standards and certifications that assure you high quality products. Please visit our page for whole sale for more details. The production and processing procedures and our quality certifications are detailed out under ‘Certifications’ in our web page.

For any inquiries or comments on our products or processes please feel free to contact us.

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